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    "No hassle, No up-selling, No problem!"

We provide best in class service but above all we understand your needs! Please feel free to check out our solutions and current offers.

Akiatech Solutions is incredibly unequivocally exceptionally positively Admittedly definitely completely absolutely extremely certainly remarkably definitely honestly totally utterly clearly notably obviously strikingly Professional and Reliable.

Our Services

Onsite Support

Your time is precious, don't waste it, let us come to you.

Remote Support

we use industry standard tools to connect and fix your problem.

Hardware Upgrades

Don't be intimidated, let us install your new hardware for you.

Malware|Virus removal

Not only will we remove malware, we will show how to avoid it.

PC Tutoring

We give you the knowledge you need to maximize your productivity.

Software Upgrades

We will verify compatibility and install your new software for you.

System Hardening

Don't become a target, we will get your security up to speed.

Parental Controls

We will help you to protect your kids from themselves!

and more...

You need a social presence and we can provide that for you. Our developers can create a website for you that conforms to the latest standards and languages available.
There's a saying that states that your "Network is your Net Worth" let us help you leverage your social contacts to spread the word about your business or product.
We use the latest digital photography and videography equipment to make your professional portfolio shine.
Tier 1(Flat Rate, hardware/software not included)
  • Laptop Screen Replacement- $120.00  
  • Operating System Upgrade- $100.00
  • Windows User Profile Transfer- $80.00 
  • CPU Installation- $100.00
  • GPU Installation- $50.00 
  • Memory Installation- $60.00 
  • Custom PC assembly- $200.00 
Tier 2 ($60/hr with discounted rates after 2 hours)

  • PC Phone / Remote Support
  • Onsite PC Repair / Troubleshooting
  • New PC Setup / De-cluttering
  • New PC Training / Tutoring
  • PC Optimization / "Overclocking"
  • PC Upgrade Recommendations
  • Hard Drive Data Recovery
  • System integrity Testing
  • Peripheral Upgrades / Installation
  • Software Upgrades / Installation
  • Virus & Malware Removal
  • Motherboard Replacement
  • Android phone / tablet tweaking
  • Website design Consultation


No hassle, No up-selling, No problem!

Custom Solutions

  • Marketing Solutions

    Without proper marketing your company is invisible. Let us analyse your business and get you seen.

  • Security Solutions

    Do you know what happens when you're not around? We can design or recommend a custom solution for you.

  • Remote Solutions

    Most computer issues can be resolved remotely. No time for on-site service, Let us remote in and fix your problem!

  • HardwareSolutions

    Let us design a system for you that can give you the highest frame-rates and the shortest render times.

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  • Monday - Saturday 10am to 6pm
  • Sunday - Closed

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Please use the "Service" or "Solution" links below to submit a request for more information. If you need expedited services please select one of the pre-assembled packages from our store. We will cantact you shortly after a request or purchase is made. Thank You!

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For onsite services where the technician will travel to your location a diagnostics fee of $30 will be charged if you choose not to fix the problem with our company. There is no charge if the problem cannot be diagnosed. Most services will be billed at a fixed per hour rate for the first hour (with a reduced rate thereafter based on service agreement) while some services will be billed at a flat rate. Note that most services will take no more than an hour to complete & the cost of Hardware and Software is not included unless otherwise quoted. All service will be thoroughly tested and verified by technician in customer’s presence to provide satisfaction of work completed.