Roxor Gimbal Camera Review

  Today I will be reviewing the Roxor Gimbal Camera. I have a few cameras in my collection ranging from full-size DSLR type cameras to small action style cameras, and one thing they all have in common is their lack of proper video stabilization. I have tried to remedy this on my own by using “Steadicam” style stabilization systems but these systems require extensive balancing each time you make any modification that affects the weight or dimensions of your setup, like switching lenses etc. There have been breakthroughs on this front for a while now which have been mainly spearheaded [...]

The downward spiral of Air travel!

As I type this, I’m in pain. I’m not sure where it came from or why it hurts so much but I do think it may be attributed to being seated (very uncomfortably) on a cross-country flight home from a weeklong business trip. Even though I’m not that old I can remember when taking an airplane was a memorable experience, something to look forward to even. Those days are sadly gone, now it seems that the only difference between a passenger plane and a city bus is that the former has wings and uses a heck of a lot more [...]


Business observations from a consumer’s perspective !

  I’m not a graduate of a prestigious business school, a financial mastermind or even an astute sales professional. I don’t have years of wisdom under my belt to dispense upon the masses or even the credentials required to write this article. What I do have is a profound understanding of what it takes for a business to gain access to my hard earned dollars. I’ve also had the experience of working for great and not so great companies and seeing how their customers are treated during the process of parting with their monies for the perceived value of the product/service they are being sold. When I [...]

5 ways to increase your productivity with smart-tech

Get a smart-watch– A smart-watch allows you to keep connected at all times, as long as it stays synced to your phone that is. I have had one for a while now and it has allowed me to do things I didn’t think were possible with a watch. Every time I receive a notification on my phone it pops up on the watch. You can even like and dislike songs on Pandora while driving without taking your eyes off the road. When I sign up for websites that like to send those annoying codes to activate an account I [...]

Amazon Echo Review

Its 2015, we have arrived. The future is here, well almost. Not too long ago I wrote a post on Amazons new Echo device. After much begging and pleading  I was able to get my hands on one by signing up for an invitation on the page Amazon has dedicated to the device. I am one of the lucky few who signed up early and was able to receive my device in less than two months. I read a review of another blogger who had the misfortune of placing his request last month but wont be getting his device [...]

The Evolution of Information

Today I’m going to talk about something I have no qualifications whatsoever to talk about, but that’s what blogs are for right? It seems that the rate at which technology advances grows exponentially each year. We are now swimming in a sea of information, data is everywhere. The internet is literally working itself into the very fabric of our beings. How far will it go, we now have “smart” phones. “smart” glasses, “smart” appliances and even “Smart” watches. I for one love smart devices, maybe is because I’m a techie at heart, maybe I’m just lazy but no matter [...]

A n̶o̶t̶ ̶s̶o̶ laymans review of the Almond Plus router

 Almond+ Review | People love information, so much so that the great minds and the powers that be created the massive information conduit we all know as the Internet. Gone are the days of carrier pigeons and smoke signals. Need to look up your favorite recipe or harass your BFF, just whip out the Phablet, ultrabook or the smart [insert device name here]. Today’s world is really a connected one. With WiFi now available  everywhere from cars to planes you have no reason not to be online. The Basics I’m sure if you’re here reading this you probably already know what a [...]

Amazon’s One button app, deals await !

  Anyone who knows me knows that I am an amazon addict. If they ever decided to hold AA meetings for Amazon shoppers I would definitely warrant an invitation. I mean it’s not hard to understand why I’m hooked with an estimated 237 Mil. subscribers and 162 Mil. unique visitors in the month of July, the company must be doing something right. I remember the first time I bought something online. I was actually floating around somewhere in the pacific on a ship that was to be my home for a number of years. As you may or may not know major couriers [...]

McDonalds new hit pie (well new to me)

Lets face it there are only a few things in life that we need as people to survive. Of those basic needs the ones that stand out the most are food, water and shelter. Two out of those three needs are not optional so every day they have to be satisfied. On this specific day my need for food was going to be satiated by a trip to Mickie D’s. Why? because, well….. I was hungry, and their restaurant is within an unreasonably close proximity to my house. I’ve honestly been trying to stay away from junk food in an [...]

Amazon Echo, the web is just a command away!

While browsing Amazon’s website yesterday during one of my weekly shopping binges, I came across a not so subtle ad for their new “Siri-esque” device that goes by the name Echo (not to be confused with the cute little alien from outer-space)   Amazon Echo   This Echo acquired its name from (I’m assuming) the array of microphones located at the top of the device, which allows it to pickup voice commands from any direction. That capability in it self is a great feat in the event that it actually works as intended. I know in my household there are multiple audio sources [...]

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