Amazon Echo, the web is just a command away!

While browsing Amazon’s website yesterday during one of my weekly shopping binges, I came across a not so subtle ad for their new “Siri-esque” device that goes by the name Echo (not to be confused with the cute little alien from outer-space)   Amazon Echo   This Echo acquired its name from (I’m assuming) the array of microphones located at the top of the device, which allows it to pickup voice commands from any direction. That capability in it self is a great feat in the event that it actually works as intended. I know in my household there are multiple audio sources [...]

I automated my home Pt. 1

  Home Automation, what is it? who wants it? where can I get it? what can it do for me? These are all valid questions and I hope that once you read this article you will have a better understanding of what this great advancement in technology has to offer. Well to sum it up home automation is basically the ability to control your home or specifically the devices within your home. The possibilities are endless. Imagine pulling up to your driveway and having your garage door open as you pull up, you’re front door unlock and your thermostat adjusting your [...]

First Post

Welcome to the Akiatech Solutions Blog, My name is Collin and I am an IT Technician by trade and Photographer, DJ, Gamer and now Blogger in my spare time. From time to time I will be posting random thoughts on technology and whatever else comes to mind at the time of my post. I will be mostly posting about situations that I may come across or be providing solutions for any problems that I may have had in the past. I promise to be as objective as possible but still throwing in an opinion here and there if warranted. So [...]

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