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The Evolution of Information

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Today I'm going to talk about something I have no qualifications whatsoever to talk about, but that's what blogs are for right? It seems that the rate at which technology advances grows exponentially each year. We are now swimming in a sea of information, data is everywhere. The internet is literally working itself into the very fabric of our beings. How far will it go, we now have "smart" phones. "smart" glasses, "smart" appliances and even "Smart" watches. I for one love smart devices, maybe is because I'm a techie at heart, maybe I'm just lazy but no matter what anyone might think, this is to be our future. People have always felt the need to share information, in the beginning it was by stories passed down from one generation to the next, soon these stories would be transcribed to a variety of mediums, eventually transcending physical media at the speed of light into the digital realm. Information cannot be contained, the internet has proven this to us over and over again, peopl...

A n̶o̶t̶ ̶s̶o̶ laymans review of the Almond Plus router

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Almond+ Review | People love information, so much so that the great minds and the powers that be created the massive information conduit we all know as the Internet. Gone are the days of carrier pigeons and smoke signals. Need to look up your favorite recipe or harass your BFF, just whip out the Phablet, ultrabook or the smart [insert device name here]. Today's world is really a connected one. With WiFi now available everywhere from cars to planes you have no reason not to be online. The Basics I'm sure if you're here reading this you probably already know what a router is, but... just in case you don't or maybe need a better understanding of what it actually does. A router is a device that sits on the edge of your network, it does as its name suggests which is route information to devices on your network, modern consumer routers actually combine a few different devices into one. There is the routing section which takes the data from your modem which could be either...

Amazon’s One button app, deals await !

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  Anyone who knows me knows that I am an amazon addict. If they ever decided to hold AA meetings for Amazon shoppers I would definitely warrant an invitation. I mean it's not hard to understand why I'm hooked with an estimated 237 Mil. subscribers and 162 Mil. unique visitors in the month of July, the company must be doing something right. I remember the first time I bought something online. I was actually floating around somewhere in the pacific on a ship that was to be my home for a number of years. As you may or may not know major couriers such as UPS or FedEx don't provide ocean bound deliveries so you're kinda stuck with snail mail IF you can actually find a company that will ship to ships. "I was determined to find a book an actual book, with paper" When I was a kid I used to read a lot but as I grew older and the internet became more popular, the concept of reading a book seemed to go the way of the dodo. Everything seemed to be online. Eventually after a while I dec...

McDonalds new hit pie (well new to me)

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Lets face it there are only a few things in life that we need as people to survive. Of those basic needs the ones that stand out the most are food, water and shelter. Two out of those three needs are not optional so every day they have to be satisfied. On this specific day my need for food was going to be satiated by a trip to Mickie D's. Why? because, well..... I was hungry, and their restaurant is within an unreasonably close proximity to my house. I've honestly been trying to stay away from junk food in an effort to stay healthy but with temptation so close its really hard. Oh well, such is life as they say. So anyway back to my story. I was starving a little hungry so I decided that I was going to order a large meal with 2 pies on the side. I promptly placed the order and after a short wait picked my food up at the window then headed home. Once I arrived at my place of shelter I set the bag down and decided I was going to eat the first thing that I pulled out. Not surprisingly the...

Amazon Echo, the web is just a command away!

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While browsing Amazon's website yesterday during one of my weekly shopping binges, I came across a not so subtle ad for their new "Siri-esque" device that goes by the name Echo (not to be confused with the cute little alien from outer-space)   Amazon Echo   This Echo acquired its name from (I'm assuming) the array of microphones located at the top of the device, which allows it to pickup voice commands from any direction. That capability in it self is a great feat in the event that it actually works as intended. I know in my household there are multiple audio sources going at the same time, in addition to my loving loved ones screaming across the hallways trying to communicate in the way most of us did when technology did not allow us (me) the luxury of sending text messages within reading distance of the intended recipients. I had an idea a while back when the whole Siri thing started to take off. It was not as polished as Amazons solution but was similar in a way excep...

I automated my home Pt. 1

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  Home Automation, what is it? who wants it? where can I get it? what can it do for me? These are all valid questions and I hope that once you read this article you will have a better understanding of what this great advancement in technology has to offer. Well to sum it up home automation is basically the ability to control your home or specifically the devices within your home. The possibilities are endless. Imagine pulling up to your driveway and having your garage door open as you pull up, you're front door unlock and your thermostat adjusting your temperature based on the weather. Sounds far fetched, not so much, well not anymore. There are a number of products on the market that claim to be the latest and greatest, with manufacturers trying their best to get your attention and hopefully your money. I will provide some brief examples of what I came across during my search for the ultimate budget home automation solution and the potential upsides and downsides of what...

First Post

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Welcome to the Akiatech Solutions Blog, My name is Collin and I am an IT Technician by trade and Photographer, DJ, Gamer and now Blogger in my spare time. From time to time I will be posting random thoughts on technology and whatever else comes to mind at the time of my post. I will be mostly posting about situations that I may come across or be providing solutions for any problems that I may have had in the past. I promise to be as objective as possible but still throwing in an opinion here and there if warranted. So stay tuned and please remember to visit my new forum Twilight Gigs Here's my first and ONLY video on the tube, hopefully I will be adding a few more soon.
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