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Apple vs FBI

What Apple vs the FBI means for the rest of us

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Apple vs FBI | You may be aware of the ongoing dispute between Apple and the FBI by now. If not, here's a quick rundown of what happened. A few months ago there was a terrible act of domestic terrorism that took place at a government funded non-profit establishment in San Bernadino. A number of people were killed and seriously injured but thankfully the Authorities were able to terminate the individuals that carried out the brutal attack. After the dust had settled the FBI started their investigation to gather more information on the attackers, but they ran into a bit of a problem. They could not access an iPhone belonging to one of the terrorists. It seems that in recent years Apple has beefed up the encryption on their devices making them practically impossible to crack. The FBI having its back against the wall and anxious to gather as much evidence as possible reached out to Apple for their help with "Hacking" into the phone so that they could continue with their investigation. Ap...

Novation Circuit Groovebox Review

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    The Novation Circuit | Novation is a company that has been around since the early 90's, they brought us the original Bass-Station synth and most recently the Launchpad line of Ableton controllers. Through their years of innovation, they were able to create something unique. You get a Synth, Drum-Machine, and Pad Controller all in a package that's a little bit smaller than a Launchpad Pro. Today we will be reviewing the Circuit, Novation's interpretation of the once iconic "Groovebox" Features At first sight, the Circuit may look like a Launchpad that's missing a few buttons, but the only thing that the Circuit really has in common with the Ableton controller is its appearance. This little "Groovebox" has at its core a 4 track drum machine, 2 synth parts based on the legendary Nova engine, a ton of macro controls and over 128 included Synth and Drum sounds that can be tweaked to the heart's desire. The Circuit could reasonably be considered...

The Komplete Audio 6 makes my DAW Happy!

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Komplete Audio 6   | Recently I decided that I wanted to start making my own background music. This was a side effect of an issue I ran into with a couple of my tutorial videos on YouTube. If you're not familiar with creating content for the internet or in general, you may not understand the issue of royalties. I found this out the hard way when one of the videos I posted online was flagged by YouTube's copyright algorithm, even though the background music I used in the video was considered "Royalty Free" under the creative commons license it was distributed under. The only options I had were to pull the video and lose the views I already had, remove the offending audio or use one of the generic YouTube background tracks that everyone including myself hates. I chose to remove the audio which pretty much ruined my video but was the best option in my opinion. This event and others are what led me to get into the "Music Production" business and the reason I'm reviewing this i...
Gear VR Left Side

Samsung’s Gear VR, $99 Virtual Reality

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  Gear VR   I remember as a kid I had a pair of View-Master goggles that I got for some reason I can't remember anymore. As I held it to my face and clicked the little lever that spun the 3D reel I marveled at the fact that I was able to look at Big Ben and the Eiffel tower from the comfort of my backyard, mind blown! Fast forward to the 21st Century and here we are, gadgets galore. You have smart watches, smart appliances, smart cars and, of course, Smart glasses. All these devices are all a part of a connected ecosystem where all of our electronics can talk to each other and the Internet for the sole purpose of letting you know when someone likes your cat video on Facebook. The device I will be talking about today doesn't really fall into the same category as those mentioned above, It does one better. It allows you to be fully immersed in your own connected Virtual World, all courtesy of the one smart device that controls all the others. Your phone, a Samsung...

Behringer CMD PL-1, Oldie But Goodie?

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  Behringer is a brand that has somewhat of a love/hate relationship with the pro audio community. On one hand you have people that swear by their products and on the other you have those that say that Behringer gear will never make it into their Gig Bags. I myself own a number of Behringer products which include a mixer, the Studio 4a, LC-1, and, of course, the CMD PL-1 being reviewed today. I personally use Behringer products because let's be honest, they're cheap and I'm a hobbyist so unless it's going to put food on my table I'm not going outside my discretionary budget. I bought the CMD Studio 4a a couple of years ago when I first got bit by the DJ bug. I never had any real intentions of going pro so I set a budget of $200 and started shopping. I searched for a while and couldn't find anything decent in that price range, then one day out of nowhere I came across the Studio 4a for sale on Amazon. I decided to risk it all :/ and purchase the 4a for $159. I'm happy to say ...

Roxor Gimbal Camera Review

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  Today I will be reviewing the Roxor Gimbal Camera. I have a few cameras in my collection ranging from full-size DSLR type cameras to small action style cameras, and one thing they all have in common is their lack of proper video stabilization. I have tried to remedy this on my own by using "Steadicam" style stabilization systems but these systems require extensive balancing each time you make any modification that affects the weight or dimensions of your setup, like switching lenses etc. There have been breakthroughs on this front for a while now which have been mainly spearheaded by drone manufacturers such as DJI who brought us the popular Phantom line of quadcopters. You have probably seen movies or commercials with aerial footage and may have wondered to yourself how they got the video to be as smooth as it is even though helicopters typically produce a lot of vibrations from their engines and gusts of wind. The magic behind those silky smooth cinematic sequences is ...

Amazon Echo Review

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Its 2015, we have arrived. The future is here, well almost. Not too long ago I wrote a post on Amazons new Echo device. After much begging and pleading I was able to get my hands on one by signing up for an invitation on the page Amazon has dedicated to the device. I am one of the lucky few who signed up early and was able to receive my device in less than two months. I read a review of another blogger who had the misfortune of placing his request last month but wont be getting his device until August. Alexa In my previous post I made some speculation as to the reason Amazon chose to use "Alexa" as the trigger word to activate the echo. After reading the Echo's FAQ it seems that the word is an abbreviation of the word Alexandria, referring to the Royal library that was located in Alexandria Egypt. Not sure how they avoided any flak from the other Alexa, but I'm sure they covered all their bases before they chose to use that name. One foreseeable problem I could see being caused by...

A n̶o̶t̶ ̶s̶o̶ laymans review of the Almond Plus router

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Almond+ Review | People love information, so much so that the great minds and the powers that be created the massive information conduit we all know as the Internet. Gone are the days of carrier pigeons and smoke signals. Need to look up your favorite recipe or harass your BFF, just whip out the Phablet, ultrabook or the smart [insert device name here]. Today's world is really a connected one. With WiFi now available everywhere from cars to planes you have no reason not to be online. The Basics I'm sure if you're here reading this you probably already know what a router is, but... just in case you don't or maybe need a better understanding of what it actually does. A router is a device that sits on the edge of your network, it does as its name suggests which is route information to devices on your network, modern consumer routers actually combine a few different devices into one. There is the routing section which takes the data from your modem which could be either...
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