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Logitech Orion Spark | The Better Late than Never review

When you think “Gaming Computer”, you probably imagine a system that looks like it fell out of a Black Hole or emerged out of the studio of some fancy Italian supercar maker. The last thing that probably crosses your mind is the design of the keyboard. Some are okay with the generic keyboards that ship with most computers, but [Movie Trailer Voice] when in the heat of battle where every point counts a person will quickly realize that choosing the right input device is the difference between life and death! When shopping for a Gaming keyboard you only have [...]


Davinci Resolve 12 “No OpenCL”

I recently installed the free copy of Davinci Resolve 12. I haven’t had the opportunity to fully test the program yet but it looks to be leagues above my current video editor (Movie Studio 13 Platinum). I watched a few videos of the software in action and it is impressive especially when used for its highly revered grading capabilities. So when I ran the program and received the “No OpenCL Acceleration Hardware Detected”. I was afraid that I would need to upgrade my video card (Radeon HD6950), but I knew that based on the system requirements of Resolve my card should [...]

Akiatech Disk Drive Comparison

The Consumer Hard Drive Debate

Over the course of working on and around computers, I’ve found that there is one thing that people always seem to be concerned about, and that’s hard drive performance/reliability. The hard drive is one of the most important components of a PC and can be best classified as a semi-permanent storage medium for all the data on your computer. With Hard Disk Drives now available on the market in sizes that are in excess of 10 Terabytes, I can see why someone would be concerned with drive performance and reliability. In this blog post, I’m going to provide a [...]

Powerline Networking Featured Image

My experience with Powerline Networking

Powerline Networking | The network cable has been around since as far back as I can remember. Ethernet as we know it was patented by the Xerox company in the mid 70’s and standardized by the IEEE n the 80’s. As much as people dislike running cables and networking the “right way”, it is a method that has stood the test of time and even the most complex networks depend on physical cables. The network cable has faced stiff competition over the years. The first true competitor to challenge this mainstay was WiFi. I think it’s fair to say that [...]

Amazon Tap Activity Lights

The (Amazing) Amazon Tap Review

The Tap Amazon Tap Top Down | Okay, I know the title is a little cheesy but I couldn’t help myself. Not too long ago I wrote a post about Amazon’s new Alexa enabled Tap and Echo Dot. This was prior to actually using the devices though and I could only regurgitate what Amazon posted on their product pages. Now that the pre-order period is over and the devices have shipped I finally have my hands on a Tap, I will probably get the Dot at a later time (since it’s currently out of stock) and review that also, but for [...]

MC4000 Top down

Hands on Review of the Denon MC4000

Denon MC4000 Intro MC4000 right Jog wheel | The Denon MC4000 is the first controller to be released by the recently acquired Denon DJ. This model is completely redesigned but could possibly be considered as the spiritual successor of the now discontinued MC3000. The MC4000 is a Serato DJ compatible unit that ships with Serato Dj Intro and at the time of this review also includes a 50% discount off the regular price of the Pro version of the popular mixing software. This unit is very well built and has enough inputs and outputs to satisfy even the most demanding DJ. This controller [...]

Apple vs FBI

What Apple vs the FBI means for the rest of us

Apple vs FBI | You may be aware of the ongoing dispute between Apple and the FBI by now. If not, here’s a quick rundown of what happened. A few months ago there was a terrible act of domestic terrorism that took place at a government funded non-profit establishment in San Bernadino. A number of people were killed and seriously injured but thankfully the Authorities were able to terminate the individuals that carried out the brutal attack. After the dust had settled the FBI started their investigation to gather more information on the attackers, but they ran into a bit of [...]

Zurich Airport by Erez Attias

The Age of the Interconnected Society

  I remember a time when the internet was a place to work. You were either researching stuff or uploading the results of the stuff you researched. It wasn’t a “fun” place, it wasn’t chic nor sexy. The worldwide web was just that, a platform for communicating with your peers in ways that never existed before, gone were the days of snail mail and penpals. You could now correspond at the speed of light and that was only the beginning. Fast forward to the year 2016. The information superhighway is now flowing with vast amounts of digital traffic. The floodgates [...]


iPhone SE, sometimes less is more!

iPhone SE | Phone technology has been advancing at a rapid pace in the last few years. There are now mobile devices with specifications that rival computers. Initially, the mobile trend was geared more towards portability. Practicality and functionality were not at the forefront of phone design. A good example of the form over function design process was the Motorola Razr. These phones were ridiculously thin and even though they had advanced features such as cameras, speakerphones, MP3 Ringtones etc. They were limited in their capabilities and could never really be considered Smart-phones. This was the age of Palm Pilots [...]


Novation Circuit Groovebox Review

    The Novation Circuit | Novation is a company that has been around since the early 90’s, they brought us the original Bass-Station synth and most recently the Launchpad line of Ableton controllers. Through their years of innovation, they were able to create something unique. You get a Synth, Drum-Machine, and Pad Controller all in a package that’s a little bit smaller than a Launchpad Pro. Today we will be reviewing the Circuit, Novation’s interpretation of the once iconic “Groovebox“ Features At first sight, the Circuit may look like a Launchpad that’s missing a few buttons, but the only thing that the Circuit really has in [...]

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