McDonalds new hit pie (well new to me)

McDonalds new hit pie (well new to me)

P1010109Lets face it there are only a few things in life that we need as people to survive. Of those basic needs the ones that stand out the most are food, water and shelter. Two out of those three needs are not optional so every day they have to be satisfied. On this specific day my need for food was going to be satiated by a trip to Mickie D’s. Why? because, well….. I was hungry, and their restaurant is within an unreasonably close proximity to my house. I’ve honestly been trying to stay away from junk food in an effort to stay healthy but with temptation so close its really hard. Oh well, such is life as they say. So anyway back to my story.

I was starving a little hungry so I decided that I was going to order a large meal with 2 pies on the side. I promptly placed the order and after a short wait picked my food up at the window then headed home. Once I arrived at my place of shelter I set the bag down and decided I was going to eat the first thing that I pulled out. Not surprisingly the pie came out first. Sometimes (I think) it is better to eat dessert before dinner. The pie looked and felt as if it was baked in its own little oven with my name on it. The crust looked brown and crispy and the fruity aroma was devine.

P1010117I began to bite into the delicious treat expecting that familiar rich apple cinnamon flavor that I had grown accustomed to since I had my first McDonalds apple pie at the tender age of 6??? As my incisors raced through the “crust of perfection” to meet each other somewhere in the middle, it dawned on me. This was not the Apple pie that I grew up bingeing on and specifically asked the kind person at the drive through for. It was something new and tasty. I didn’t know whether to be mad at the order taker for screwing up or to hug him/her for introducing me to this wonderful morsel of taste-bud seduction.

I was confused but completely aware, angry but mellow, shocked but amazed. I was caught up in a mad spiral of ………wait, I think that at this very moment I came to the realization that i’m in love with a pie, don’t judge me. So after I calmed down and collected my self, trying to hide the embarrassment of what just took place. I remembered that my “dinner” was getting cold which led me to make quick work of the pie and further indulge myself with some additional unhealthy goodness.

P1010114So in summary, I never expected that pie or for it to be as good as it was, but I think the guy/girl did a good job on bumbling my order. I tip my hat to you maam/Sir, you have done your employer proud, and they will be receiving a lot of money from me as long as this delicacy is on the menu.  I wont tell you which pie it was but I’m sure you will be able to tell from the uncensored dessert pron attached to this post.

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