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Managing a business is hard, you have to be ready for anything. You know that you are giving it everything because you want to be successful and guess what no-one gets into something like this with the intention of failing. You have the tenacity, the drive, the product but you have no audience. A great idea or product does not make a good business unless people know what you have to offer. Let us formulate a plan on how to make your business visible to your potential customers, because a business is only as good as its patronage allows it to be.

  • Skills:

    • Social Media Links
    • Guerilla marketing
    • SEO Optimization
    • Landing Page Design
  • Suggested Client:

    Small to medium sized Businesses


We will build your your website for you to your specifications. Tell us what you need and we will make your dream a reality

Social Media

We will help you market yourself online. Let us help you establish your social presence and help you use it to your advantage


You need professional quality photos to showcase your products, business and yourself. Let us help

Three Packages


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  • Custom tailored Landing Page
  • 25 Professionally edited Photos
  • HD spot for promotional use


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  • Personalized Landing Page
  • 10 Professionally edited photos
  • Social Media Networking assistance


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  • Assistance with improving on-line presence
  • 5 Professionally edited photos
  • Facebook or Linkedin setup assistence